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At Crispin Orthotics we have a skilled team of clinicians with an interest in sport.

The Solutions

We provide a thorough examination of the biomechanics of the body by using modern clinical tools, we can also use in-shoe pressure analysis equipment and high definition video analysis.  From this information we can determine any biomechanical factor which may have created a problem or may create one in the future.

Starting from the ground we can use orthotics to align the foot in an optimal position to improve stability whilst on the pitch especially with the rapid acceleration and deceleration.  We also ensure that our devices can be effectively accommodated within good fitting boots realising the space limitations.

Moving up to the knee, we can often find damage to structures within the knee such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage.  We can utilise the most appropriate low profile knee orthoses to ensure that you can return to your sport without any unnecessary delay, from simple knee cap positioning to complex functional knee braces to provide support for ligamentous damage.

Examples of Orthoses for Rugby and Football are:

Due the complexity of the Orthotic provision it can sometimes be necessary to make minor adjustments to ensure you have a perfect prescription.  In order to achieve this we do not charge for any post fitting adjustments within a 12 week period.  Our consultation costs can be found here.

The Problems

The Solutions

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