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Why Choose  Crispin?

We use market-leading research and development, and state-of-the-art, in-house 3D production techniques to deliver pioneering and patient-focused orthotic and prosthetic solutions. All our products are tailored to the unique needs of individual patients.

Why Choose Us?

Pioneering and Patient-Focused Approach

We prioritise the needs and well-being of patients and work in partnership with the NHS to provide orthotic solutions tailored to individual requirements that are comfortable, reliable, lightweight, and aesthetic.

Market-Leading Research and Development

Our emphasis on market-leading research and development means that we stay at the forefront of advancements in orthotics technology, incorporating the latest innovations and techniques into our products so that patients receive the most effective and up-to-date solutions available.

Expertise in 3D Production Techniques

We have five years of experience with Multi Jet Fusion printing technology, a 3D printing technique known for its precision and efficiency. This expertise enables us to utilise the benefits of 3D printing in the production of orthotic products, such as faster turnaround times, customised designs, and improved overall quality.

In-House Printing Capabilities

With three state-of-the-art printers in-house, Crispin can manufacture orthotic products efficiently and with strict quality control. This allows for greater flexibility, shorter production times, and the ability to respond quickly to patient needs.

Bespoke and Modular Product Range

Crispin offers a range of orthotic products that are both bespoke and modular. Bespoke products are tailored to the specific needs of individual patients, ensuring a personalised fit and addressing unique requirements. Modular products provide flexibility by allowing adjustments and modifications as needed, accommodating changes in the patient’s condition or preferences.

Track Record of Manufacturing

Our track record of manufacturing over 45,000 orthotic products since 2018 demonstrates our experience, reliability, and capacity to deliver a large volume of products. This signifies our established presence in the market and our ability to exactly meet the varying needs of patients and customers.

Why our clinicians love 3D Print


Offering innovative products that are individually designed. Using state-of-the-art 3D print technology to create dynamic and high functioning Orthoses, that are both comfortable and durable.


Our digital workflow saves time and is less labour intensive. CAD design and rendering allows less room for human error and gives the clinician more control of the manufacturing process. This helps us get it right first time and results in a better patient and clinician experience.


The light weight and bespoke Orthoses, look aesthetic pleasing and are tailored to meet individual patients’ needs. This means they fit well and are comfortable.


With access to the latest HP technology and our in-house printers, we control the process end to end ensuring high quality. Our in-house testing team run millions of test cycles to quality check the products.


3D print means the Orthoses are easily repeatable.


The Orthoses are durable and offer a 12 month warranty.


Our clinical team and patients prefer using and wearing 3D printed products*

CPO and Patients prefer 3D print

Our clinical team and patients prefer using and wearing 3D printed products*

And finally

Our products are eco-friendly, with 60% less waste when compared to traditional manufacturing methods.