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How playing football or rugby can have an impact on your body

Although playing the sports of both Rugby and Football are very different in nature they create similar biomechanical challenges. Both are played with studded boots, and both require quick changes in direction of movement.

The Problems

These fast changes of movement with the extra grip provided by the boots can place significant forces on both the foot/ankle complex and the knee joints.  These forces can be further increased with poor body biomechanics.

In addition to the impact forces from the ground, both sports involve contact which can create external forces being applied to joints that they are not designed to tolerate.  This is especially prevalent in the knee joint.

Injury is regular occurrence in both of these sports as well as the probability of acquiring an Orthopaedic condition.  Some of the common ones are listed below, with more found on our conditions page.

To continue to enjoy your sport it is important that you remain injury free.  Many of the conditions listed can be prevented by a thorough biomechanical assessment and the provision of corrective orthoses.

The Problems

The Solutions

Case Studies


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