Pectus Brace

A custom made 3D printed thoracic orthosis designed to offer children and young people a low profile, lightweight and effective brace.

The anterior and posterior panel are connected with ratchet band and clips, applying pressure to the breastbone over an extended period of time to correct the protrusion and improve cosmesis. Code for Pectus brace = G758 Code for Pectus brace covers = G759

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  • Durable – Made from durable 3D printed material to support child during growth and improve shape of breastbone.
  • Lightweight – 3DP materials offer a lightweight solution compared to that of other metal and plastic devices
  • Low-Profile – Slim and neat design for ease of wearing
  • Easy to don – Simple ratchet system to open and close and apply desired and effective pressure.
  • Secure integrated ratchet fastening – Ratchet allows pressure to be applied securely with little to no migration of device
  • Hygienic – Easy to clean and can have removable covers for anterior and posterior panels
  • Comfortable – Custom made to scan and padded will offer additional comfort whilst wearing longer hours
  • Effective – Successful results with brace design at improving shape of breast bone and/or ribs


  • Pectus carinatum
  • Rib flare


  • Scoliosis – may require a different type of spinal orthosis
  • Tissue viability

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