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What can we do for you ?

At Crispin Orthotics we have a skilled team of clinicians with an interest in sport.

The Solutions

We provide a thorough examination of the biomechanics of the body using modern clinical tools, we can also use in-shoe pressure analysis equipment and high definition video analysis.  From this information we can determine any biomechanical factor which may have created a problem or may create one in the future.

Also by optimally positioning the foot, we may help to increase performance by ensuring efficient energy transfer through the foot/ankle complex.

From this information we can create the most optimal Orthotic prescription to meet your needs.  These can be:

Due to the complexity of Orthotic provision it can sometimes be necessary to make minor adjustments to ensure you have a perfect prescription.  In order to achieve this we do not charge for any post fitting adjustments within a 12 week period.  Our consultation costs can be found here.

The Problems

The Solutions

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