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What can we do for you?

At Crispin Orthotics we have a skilled team of clinicians with an interest in sport.

The Solutions

We provide a thorough examination of the biomechanics of the body/ski boot interface using modern clinical tools as well as an in-boot pressure measurements system and high definition video analysis.

From this information we can determine any biomechanical factor which may have created a problem or may create one in the future.

We can use orthotics to place the foot in an optimal position for skiing by reducing unwanted rotational forces on the knees.  We can also redistribute pressure on the under surface of the feet to ensure exceptional comfort on the soles of the feet by minimising any high localised forces.  These orthotics would be completely unique to you and created from a laser scan of the foot.  This scan allows our technicians to produce the devices so that they remove forces from these pressure areas rather then just create an insert that is heat moulded to the foot without any biomechanical benefit.

We can also use orthotics to give support for the knees, for either rehabilitation purposes or prevention of injury whilst on the piste.  From simple supports to position the patella (knee cap) to stock functional knee orthoses with excellent knee control through to low profile made to measure carbon fibre orthoses.

Examples of Orthotics that can be used for winter sports are:

Due to the complexity of the Orthotic provision it can sometimes be necessary to make minor adjustments to ensure that you have a perfect prescription.  In order to achieve this we do not charge for any post fitting adjustments within a 12 week period.  Our consultation costs can be found here.

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