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Custom Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre Orthoses

Crispin has been manufacturing custom pre-preg carbon fibre orthoses for more than 7 years.

Pre-preg is a term for a material that is pre-impregnated, in this instance carbon fibre that is impregnated with epoxy resin.

Pre-preg carbon fibre allows us to create orthoses that have a high strength to weight ratio. Based on your prescription and the intended use of the orthosis we can create orthoses that are strong, lightweight and highly durable.

Carbon fibre is a material which is extremely strong for its weight and therefore allows the provision of orthotic devices which are lighter and thinner than standard methods of manufacture.

Not all carbon fibre is the same!  With over 10 years experience of manufacturing orthotics with carbon fibre, we have built relationships with high profile material suppliers to ensure that our devices are the highest quality possible.

It is a material which allows the creation of some very low profile type orthotic devices. One example being a single hinge Knee ankle foot orthosis as in the picture. Not only is this device extremely light, it is also much easier to fit beneath clothing and is still stronger than conventional double hinge devices. A study performed in Scandinavia demonstrated that patients transferring from a conventional caliper device to a carbon fibre orthosis doubled their walking distance!

With our Orthotic clinic being on-site and linked to our manufacturing workshop, we can ensure a full team approach to the provision of these products.

We also use 3d scanning and milling technology to create a carbon orthotic device which is optimal in design, fit, comfort and cosmetic appearance.

For more information please contact us or for a preliminary assessment use our online appointment booking system here.

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