Orthotic Innovation

Crispin Orthotics Innovative Approach

At Crispin Orthotics we’re always looking for ways to improve the service we offer our patients. The combination of new technologies and our innovative thinking allows us to do just that.

From pioneering production techniques to state of the art assessment methods, we continue to lead the way in orthotics for NHS and private patients.

3D Scanning & Modelling

Crispin Orthotics uses 3d technology in the provision of our service.  We use extremely accurate handheld scanners which allow for 3d models to be created without the use of plaster bandages.  Not only is this less messy but the accuracy of the modelling produces Orthotic devices more accurate than conventional methods.

3d modelling1
Milling machine for web

3D Milling

Crispin Orthotics have a large format 4 axis milling machine for the creation of 3d models developed within our design software.  This machine has the capacity to mill out the length of the human body in one piece and in extremely fine detail.  These models are either created as a reference for the manufacture of products or for direct moulding over the model.

There are only a handful of organisations that have this capability in-house and our machine has the largest capacity of all milling machines used within the creation of orthotics.  Out machine is the only one of its kind within the UK used for the manufacture of orthotic products.

3D Printing

Crispin Orthotics have three 3d printers for the manufacture of orthotic products.  Each of these printers use differing technology in the way they create objects, providing variation in both material and design of the devices.

3d printed orthotics is currently in its infancy for the manufacture of larger orthotic products, however Crispin Orthotics have experience in the provision of extremely low profile custom made foot orthotics as well as lightweight, rigid wrist braces.

Using 3d printing technology allows for the creation of extremely intricate designs and variation in the thickness and rigidity of a device, something not possible with current manufacturing methods.

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Henna for web

Custom Designs

Crispin Orthotics have the ability to create custom designs for the external appearance of our plastic and silicone products at no additional cost over our standard range of made to measure products. See here

We have an in-house graphic designer and a printing technology which allows for the creation of designs, whether they be a stock design from our collection, or a completely unique design provided by you.

We believe that we are the only orthotic organisation in the UK that can offer this service