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Its been a while since our last post but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!!  Continuing on a 3d printing theme within orthotics, we have created more unusual requests including a 3d printed wrist brace for a person with Motor Neurone Disease who was wishing to still enjoy their passion of Canadian Canoeing.  The orthosis we designed and 3d printed would not have been possible to manufacture using traditional methods within the Orthotic industry.

We have also been travelling!  We were asked to provide a presentation to a group of Southern German Orthotic and Prosthetic organisations on the use of 3d printing within the industry.  The presentation was well received, encouraging discussion on how the technology can be further integrated to develop not only new types of products, but products that can replace existing ones.

From Germany to Spain and working with Hewlett Packard on their Multijet Fusion platform of 3d printers.  From new applications to new materials.  Exciting for the Orthotic Industry and great to be at the forefront of this technology.  One of our products was displayed by HP at the recent Formnext 3d printing exhibition.

Lots more exciting developments ahead.