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Collateral (Ligament) Injury

What is Collateral (Ligament) Injury?

The collateral ligaments are positioned either side of the knee joint. Injury to these ligaments is caused by a blow to the knee joint from a medial (inside) or lateral (outside) direction with the foot on the ground. A medial blow will cause a varus (outward bowing) stress and damage the lateral collateral ligament. A lateral blow will cause a Valgus (inward bowing) stress and damage the medial collateral ligament.


Symptoms include: Pain and stiffness in the inner and/or outer knee area (depending on which ligament has been injured), locking of the knee joint, swelling over the affected area, erythema (an abnormal redness of the skin)


Orthotic treatment is only appropriate if the damage is such that surgery is not required, or sometimes as a post-operative intervention to protect the healing structures. The type of Orthosis used is dependent on the forces required to control the knee joint in a good alignment (position) and can include:

Wraparound neoprene knee support

functional knee brace