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Knee Injury

What is a Knee Injury?

Whilst direct blows to the knee joint can cause injury, it is more prone to stretching or twisting injuries. Then the knee is subject to a bending or twisting stress in a particular direction, the particular ligament which is trying to control the knee can tear or rupture completely. Muscles or tendons around the knee may also be subject to injury.


Acute (brief and severe) injuries can lead to pain and swelling. If the swelling is immediate it may indicate a torn ligament or perhaps a knee fracture. If the swelling occurs over time (a period of hours) then it may indicate cartilage damage. Sometimes the knee may have a feeling of “giving way”.


If the problem has been correctly diagnosed and medical treatment his not required then the nature of Orthotic treatment will vary depending on the nature of the injury. Options include:

Elasticated/neoprene pull on knee sleeve for mild control and compressive support.

• Hinged wraparound knee supports where increased knee physical control is required.

Functional knee brace where a significant degree of physical control is required to stabilise the joint.