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Anterior Cruciate (ACL) injury

What is Anterior Cruciate (ACL) injury?

The ACL is one of four ligaments which together provide stability to the knee joint. ACL injury is typically associated with sporting activities such as football or rugby. The injury is cause typically when a twisting force is applied to the knee with the foot firmly in contact with the ground. Another common cause is a direct blow to the knee, usually on the outside of the knee e.g. in a rugby or football tackle.


When the injury occurs there is often a loud popping sound. Swelling usually occurs immediately and can be extensive. There is tenderness to touch at the injury site and also a restriction of movement, particularly in the ability to fully straighten the knee.


Where the injury does not require surgical intervention or as a protection whilst surgery can be performed the use of:

• A functional ACL knee brace to maintain knee stability and assists in preventing excessive motions in the joint caused by the now deficient ligament.