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Carbon Fibre Orthotics

Crispin Orthotics have developed our carbon fibre production facility over a period of 7 years.  Throughout this time we have utilised various carbon fibre systems to ensure that we have the most suitable material for our industry.

Our preferred carbon fibre system is pre impregnated or pre preg.  The benefits of this material are the high carbon fibre to resin contact which creates the highest strength to weight ratio.  The system we use provides high strength but allows the integration of a more flexible resin to help reduce the possibility of failure.

Our manufacturing process is precise, with the curing of the resin being computer controlled to ensure that the device performs as intended.

We can create any type of orthotic device you require from simple foot orthoses through to complex HKAFOs and stance phase control KAFOs.

Our lead times are 3 weeks from receipt of order and specification.  This is the optimal time to manufacture an orthosis due to the drying time of the cast following rectification and the time involved in designing the appropriate lay up.

We are very cost effective and all products are manufactured on-site.  For pricing and technical enquiries please contact 0113 2528866 or use our contact us page.

A Carbon Fibre specification form can be acquired through our document request page.

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