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Covid-19 Response


We are open for private orthotic appointments, repairs and for manufacture. You can be confident that we are providing a safe environment for you to receive your Orthotic treatment or visit our site.

Important: If you or any members of your family have tested positive for COVID 19 or are showing any symptoms and have been advised to isolate you must not attend your appointment and should contact us to rearrange as per government guidelines.

The safety of our patients and staff is our focus and due to our secure premises we can offer an environment where you will only come into contact with the clinician, they will be wearing full PPE and will limit the amount of time they are in contact with you as much as possible.

If you are not confident or physically able to leave your home yet we can possibly arrange a home visit for you (subject to location). One of our clinicians can come to see you at home wearing full PPE so you can be confident in your safety.

We are also offering an over the phone advice service for those patients who are still not confident or well enough to leave the safety of their home, as the welfare of our patients and their continued mobility is important to us and this is why we are happy to help were we can.


When attending your appointment:

  • You can now arrive for your appointment by pressing the buzzer for access via the main front blue door.
  • The use of the waiting room is now back in use but we ask that you still adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Please wear a facial covering as per government guidelines. 
  • Observe 2 metres distance rule where possible
  • Please pay by card if possible
  • Come alone when possible (Parents and Carers permitted)
  • Please use the toilet at home before you come when possible
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided by the clinic


Please contact us on 0113 252 88 66 or email to book an appointment or to discuss further with a member of our team.


Policy Information:


The use of the waiting room is now permitted but with limited seating to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Appointment times are being spread out more than usual throughout the day to allow deep cleaning to be done in-between each patient in both the clinic rooms and waiting areas.

Door handles and any area where people move through are in limited use and are being regularly cleaned.

The clinician will be wearing the required PPE, including gloves, nose and mouth covering and a face visor.

Following the recent guidelines from the government we request that anyone attending an appointment must be wearing a facial covering.

We ask that if any patient or any member of their family have tested positive for corona virus or is showing any of the symptoms then they must not attend their appointment.


On-site support and manufacturing:

All our staff are abiding by the 2-metre distancing where possible

All technician work areas are at least 2 metres apart.

We have designated hand washing stations with open door access in locations which are local to each department. Hand washing is expected immediately upon entry into the premises and at a period not exceeding one hour throughout the day.

Each work area is disinfected daily.

Personal protective equipment has been mandated for the handling of patient supplied goods.

Any employee working on a customer site will be expected to adhere to specific NHS Trust policies in regard to their mitigation plan.

We have reduced our on-site presence for non-essential support. No visits will be made unless approved by a customer.


Customer Operations:

We are operating with a minimal customer services team. Customer service employees who are not required to direct work within our facility are advised to work remotely.

Any individual attending our premises is screened as per advice from Public Health England.



We are maintaining a constant dialogue with our couriers who ensure that systems to mitigate the impact are being followed.

We utilise multiple courier services within our provision which allow for continuity should this be required.