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Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction

What is Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction?

Over use or damage to the tibialis posterior tendon. Damage to the tendon can be caused by changes in the tendon which impair its ability to support the medial arch.


Initially there will be inflammation (pain, swelling, heat and redness) on the inner border of the foot along the line of the tendon. As the problem progresses there will be a flattening of the medial arch and the foot will roll in. With more progression the front of the foot may begin to drift outwards.


Providing there is no indication for other medical intervention i.e. surgery, Orthotic treatment includes:

• A functional foot orthotic to realign foot biomechanics for early stage TPTD

• A UCBL type heel cup where the problem is more advanced and a higher degree of control is required to realign foot biomechanics