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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

MS is a disease of the nervous system. It is an auto-immune disease, a disease where the body’s immune system sees the body’s own cells as foreign and attacks them. In MS the tissue around nerves, called myelin, is destroyed either partially or fully. Myelin helps messages pass along nerves and so when it is destroyed, the message can be disrupted as it passes along the nerve or may not get through at all.


MS has a wide variety of symptoms but most people will develop only some. Symptoms include: balance problems / dizziness, fatigue, pain, numbness, pins and needles and muscle spasm.


Treatment will vary and is dependent on how far the disease has progressed:

Elasticated ankle support for mild control and sensory feedback

Leaf spring AFO for mild control and also assistance in clearing the foot through when walking

Fixed ankle AFO when a high degree of stability at the ankle is required to enable weight bearing as well as helping in clearing the foot through when walking