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Ankle Injury

What is an Ankle Injury?

The term ankle injury is a general or umbrella term which covers a variety of problems with a variety of causes. An ankle injury can range from a relatively simple ankle sprain to a complex ankle fracture. The causes are equally varied, from a simple twisting motion of the ankle to a severe trauma (a serious bodily wound caused by sudden physical injury)


Due to the nature of the term, symptoms will be very varied, depending on the exact type. In its mildest form there may be a degree of pain with perhaps some swelling whereas at its most severe there may be severe pain, inflammation and even derangement of the joint (a disturbance of the normal joint anatomy or position)


Orthotic treatment is suitable for some ankle injuries but not all. The most severe injuries would require medical attention and possibly surgery. Less severe injuries where protection of soft tissues, controlled joint alignment (position) or immobilisation is required can be helped with:

elasticated ankle support

stirrup type ankle support

Fixed ankle walker

ROM walker