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Podiatry or Orthotics?

People often ask whether they should be assessed by Podiatry or Orthotics?  There is some crossover within the professions, however there are some differences which are highlighted below.  Unsure as to which profession you should see?  Call us on 0113 2528866 or use our contact us form for further advice.

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Podiatry is a specialism involved in treatment of disorders of the lower limbs, usually below the knee. This may require the provision of in-shoe Orthotic devices but can also mean more palliative interventions such as the treatment of skin lesions (calluses, ulcers etc).

A Podiatry clinician is called a Podiatrist and they are state registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  Check to see if your clinician is registered here.


Whilst the field of Orthotics has similarities with Podiatry, it encompasses the whole of the musculo-skeletal system and is aimed at providing a wide variety of externally applied Orthotic devices which will prevent or correct deformity and promote function. These range from relatively simple to extremely complex devices.  See our product range here.

Orthotic clinicians are called Orthotists and similar to Podiatrists they are state registered with the HCPC.

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In Partnership

Podiatrists and Orthotists can often work in partnership to combine their skills and provide comprehensive and effective treatment solutions for their patients. In an NHS setting they work in a multidisciplinary (MDT) clinical environment.

Looking for a private Podiatrist?  We work in partnership with clinicians throughout the UK and can assist in providing you with the right clinician to meet your requirements.  Contact us here for more information.