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Orthotic Assessment

Here you will find everything you need to know about how we assess your eligibility for treatment.

Your Referral

To make an appointment, telephone our customer service team on 0113 2528866, email or use our contact form.

When you contact our team, we will ask:

  • Who has referred you? This could be a self referral or from a medical professional.
  • The reason for your referral. Why do you need Orthotic treatment?
  • Whether you currently have any Orthotic device.
  • Whether you require wheelchair access.
  • We will then make you an appointment with one of our clinicians.

Your Appointment

Our clinic is located within our premises at Victoria Road, Leeds.  LS27 7PA.  You can find a map here.  We have ample free parking.

On your arrival, if you let us know you have arrived via the buzzer at the blue door, you will be welcomed by one of our customer services team.

When you attend your appointment, bring with you any relevant medical information that you have.

Free hot and cold drinks are available in our reception area.

Your Orthotic Assessment

One of our clinical team will meet you in the reception area and take you into our clinical area.  There is plenty of seating if your wish to bring someone along.  Your appointment will usually last between 30 to 60 minutes.

Our Orthotist will inform you of their name and then ask you some questions relating to the reason for your visit.  This information will be documented within your own personal file.

The assessment usually consists of:

Visual assessment – This can be as simple as the Orthotist watching you walk or we can use more technological methods such as video analysis of joint angles using tracking markers.

Physical assessment – This is usually through the Orthotist physically assessing you, looking at muscle powers and joint ranges of motion as well as any pain.

Prescription Options

Following your assessment, the Orthotist will provide you with various options on the types of Orthotic treatment that are available.  When we are looking at creating an Orthotic device we are looking at combining function, comfort and appearance as well as your input.  You will be presented with various options and the associated costs of these products.  We will also show you examples of products when we can, and the various materials we will use.  You are not obligated to purchase any of our products and we will not provide you with an Orthotic device that is not suitable for you.

Examples of our product range can be found here.

Taking Measurements

To make your device we need to get measures of you.  We can do this with with:

A simple tape measure –Useful for taking simple measures for the provision of standard off the shelf items such as simple wrist and knee orthotics as well as both stock and made to measure footwear.


A foam impression – A similar material is used in flower arranging. These foam boxes allow the clinician to get an accurate model of the under surface of the feet and are very useful in the provision of insoles and functional foot orthotics.


iPad Scanner – Used for the provision of made-to-measure footwear, insoles and other orthoses, the iPad scanner quickly creates an accurate virtual model of the foot/ankle.


A plaster cast –It has been around a long time, however the use of plaster bandage to achieve an accurate model of a body part is still probably the most commonly used. Good for more complex orthotic devices.

A 3D laser scanner for the foot – Our 3D foot scanner allows the clinician to take an image of the foot which can be directly sent to our computer for modelling and manufacture and is extremely accurate. Good for functional foot orthotics.

A 3D handheld scanner – Produces extremely accurate scans of a body part which can then be modelled in a specific computer program before being milled.

Your Fitting Appointment

Prior to you leaving your assessment appointment you will be provided with a further appointment for the fitting of your Orthotic device.  We always try and keep you with the same clinician to maintain continuity.

At this stage you will also be asked to pay your assessment charge.

On attending your fitting appointment your Orthotist will demonstrate the fit of the orthotic device and provide you with wear and care instructions.  If required, we can make minor alterations to the device whilst you wait.

There is no charge for the fitting of the Orthotic devices and we provide a free review service following the first 12 weeks of supply whereby any minor alterations will be provided at no charge.