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Foot Orthotics

If you require a manufacturing service for your foot orthotics, Crispin Orthotics will have a solution for you.  For a price list, please contact us or see our document request page, here.

Simple Insoles

We can make any type of simple insole specific to your request.  We stock all types of base, pads and covers and have the ability to make pads exact to your requirements.  All we need is a template of the insole, preferably on a card based surface, indicating the pads required plus a completed specification for which can be found in our document request page here.

Standard lead times are 5 working days from order.  An express service is available if required.

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Moulded Orthotics

We use 2 methods in the manufacture of our moulded orthotics.  These are:


We have 2 dedicated milling machines for the manufacture of our moulded insoles utilising one of the industries leading software packages.

Milled orthotics can be manufactured to either a foam impression box or to a 3d scan which can be accepted in any standard 3d format.

The devices can be manufactured in various densities of material to suit your requirements, including, sinks, posts and covers as well as using specific CAD blocks with combinations of material.

Standard lead times are 5 working days from receipt of the order/box.  An express service is available if required.

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Casted Orthotics

Should the complexity of the orthotic device require cast rectification, then we can provide this service using the skills of our experienced cast technicians.  Casted devices can create a more intimate fit around the heel with improved functional control.

For the provision of casted orthotics, we require either a slipper or wrap cast as well as a completed foot orthoses specification form which can be requested from our document request page, here.

We have a large range of materials from which the device can be manufactured from low density foams to high density, high temperature thermoplastics.

Standard lead times are 5 working days from receipt of order/cast.  An express service is available if required.

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3D Printed Foot Orthotics

Crispin Orthotics can 3d print your foot orthotics using our in-house professional 3d printers.

We can manufacture 3d printed foot orthotics to a 3d scan, foam impression or plaster cast.

We use 2 materials in the manufacture of our devices.  These are:

Nylon – A black material which provides some flex and is very tough

Polycarbonate – A white material which is stiffer than nylon

Due to the flexibility in the design of  3d printed foot orthotics, we can create devices with variation in thickness which allows for areas of the orthotics to be rigid where other areas can have some flex.  Posting is extremely accurate and can either be intrinsic or extrinsic.  Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, each foot orthotic is printed in one piece without the necessity to bond heel posts.  Covers can be bonded to the devices if required.

Standard lead times are 5 working days from receipt of an order.

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