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Osgood Shlatter’s Disease

What is Osgood Shlatter’s Disease?

Occurring children (10 to 15 years old), particularly those involved in sport, the problem is caused by excess strain on the patella-femoral ligament, the ligament which connects the quadriceps (thigh) muscle to the tibia (shin bone) at its attachment just below the knee. Rapid growth may also contribute to the problem.


The main symptom is pain just below the knee cap at the tibial tuberosity (the bony lump at the front of the leg just below the knee). The pain will be worse during or after activity and the area may be painful to touch. The tibial tuberosity may also become larger on the affected knee than on the unaffected.


Treatment options include:

pull-on neoprene knee sleeve to give gentle compression and retain heat

patella band to reduce the bending stress on the ligament can also be of use