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Hyper Kyphosis

What is Hyper Kyphosis?

It can be classified as postural or structural. Postural kyphosis can be caused by slouching and also by vertebral fractures. It is more commonly associated with older people, especially due to osteoporosis. Structural kyphosis is due to abnormality of the spinal structures such as vertebrae (bones of the spine), ligaments, nerve, intervertebral disc, or even muscles. The most common types are Scheuerman’s kyphosis, Congenital Kyphosis and Gibbus deformity.


Patient’s curvature at the upper section of the spine is exaggerated creating a “hunchback” or bowing deformity. The deformity can be very painful and cause breathing difficulties


A Thoraco Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) is used to encourage an improved posture of the lower spine and provide a corrective 3 point pressure system to correct or reduce the kyphosis.