Your Design

Crispin Orthotics have the unique ability to apply custom designs to your orthotic device.  It can be an image from our library or an image created by you.  We are the only Orthotic company within the UK to offer this service and at no additional cost.

If you would like to submit an image for your device then please send it to and keep the file size below 6mb.  Designs can be anything from simple line drawings, photographs or solid colours.  There are only 2 things to consider; the image must not be copyrighted, and secondly, be aware of how the image will look when stretched around a body part.  Someones face stretched around a leg is not always a pretty image!

Designs for Young People

Blue Space

Pink Stars

Many Dogs


Pink Cats




Adult Designs


Cut Out

Blue Henna


If you are looking for a more subtle design, you can chose from one of the many skin tones we offer, displayed in the chart below.

If you would like any further information then please contact us on 0113 2528866