Common Foot & Ankle

Night AFO (Stock)

What is it?

Comprises a thermoplastic shell which encompases the posterior (back) third of the leg and extends from the top of the calf to the end of the foot. The AFO has a soft lining and is secured with velcro strapping. The shell is trimmed back at the ankle to allow the foot section to move upwards. The angle between the foot and leg can be adjusted using two straps which attach to the end of the foot section and top of the calf section (one on each side of the AFO).

What does it do?

By virtue of the adjustable straps connecting the foot to the leg section, the foot can be pulled and held in an upward position to provide a stretch to the calf muscle to reduce or prevent contracture (tightness) in the calf.

What does it cost?

£60.00 – £90.00