Common Foot & Ankle

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)

Pictured above: 3D Printed AFO

What is it?

A shell which encompasses the posterior (rear) section of the calf and extends from the upper calf to underneath the foot. Depending on the condition being treated AFOs are available as solid ankle or jointed, with different joint options to allow for flexion of the device at the ankle joint. In addition, AFOs are available with various strapping and padding options to secure the device and for comfort.

Material options include 3D printed nylon, thermoplastic and carbon fibre.

What does it do?

The shell provides controlling forces to stabilise the foot and ankle joint complex.

What does it cost?

Thermoplastic AFO from £180.00

3D Printed AFO from £305.00

Carbon Fibre AFO from £750.00