COVID-19 Update – 16/03/2020


COVID-19 is affecting all areas of the community and business. Our organisation is adopting measures to reduce spread and ensure that we can provide continued operations and support to our customers.

We are using guidance from NHS England and Public Health England to create best practise in reducing the impact that COVID-19 has on our organisation.

We are currently working with 100% staffing levels and can continue to provide a service to our customers with a 50% reduction if required.

All Areas

We have created specific hand washing stations with open door access in locations which are local to each department. Hand washing is expected immediately upon entry into the premises and at a period not exceeding one hour throughout the day.

Each employee station is at least 2m distance from colleagues.

Each work area is disinfected daily.

Personal protective equipment has been mandated for the handling of patient supplied goods.

Customer Operations

We are operating our customer services from 2 sites within our premises. Customer service employees who are not required to direct work within our facility are advised to work remotely.

Any individual attending our premises is screened as per advice from Public Health England.


We are maintaining a constant dialogue with our couriers who ensure that systems to mitigate the impact have been introduced. We utilise multiple courier services within our provision which allow for continuity should this be required.

On-Site Support

Any employee working on a customer site will be expected to adhere to specific NHS Trust policies in regard to their mitigation plan.

We have reduced our on-site presence for non-essential support. No visits will be made unless approved by a customer.


For any questions, please contact Helen Turner, Operations Manager – 0113 252 8866 –

Many thanks for your cooperation during this time,

Crispin Orthotics